The Ultimate Protection Through Zinc Oxide Technology

About Us


Our Slogan. "The Ultimate Protection Through Zinc Oxide Technology" is not just catchy, it also rings true. Zinc Oxide has been known for centuries for its healing properties, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, even sun burn relief however being the thick white opaque powder lost its appeal owing to its inability to become translucent when rubbed on the skin. In other words  you looked like a Swedish Gamer In December when applied, so started the evolution of Zinka's Tint, a skin toned coloured Zinc which offers the same powerful protection of Zinka's formula with a mild bronzing tone. Used daily as a BB cream, this highly durable sweat resistant sunscreen boasts anti-ageing properties with all the other natural skin care remedies one would expect from a feel good, soft, skin care sunscreen range.