Zinka Nosecoat is a TOTAL block, essentially making it SPF infinity. It is such a powerful suncare product, because we use zinc oxide as our main ingredient. It is safe, waterproof and comes in 8 colors. Whether your skiing, surfing, boarding or just spend a lot of time outdoors Zinka is what every outdoor adventure seeker needs.

Every year that passes sees a dizzying array of new sunscreens debuting on the market. It is easy to get lost in the rush of new products and not be able to find one that is right for you and your skin. All sunscreens utilize what is known as UV filters, or the specialZinka_purpleingredients that shield your skin from the sun. These filters can bechemical or physical. While there are many chemical UV filters, there are only two physical filters: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This article concerns the many benefits of zinc oxide.

While both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide work by physically blocking and reflecting the sun’s rays as they reach your skin, zinc oxide is less whitening and offers superior UVA protection compared to titanium dioxide. In fact, zinc oxide is the most broad-spectrum UV filter available, protecting from the far end of the UVB spectrum to the far end of the UVA spectrum. Zinka_RedAnother advantage of zinc oxide as a sunscreen filter is its ability to soothe irritated skin. It is a common ingredient in creams for diaper rash, sunburn and otherwise itching, aggravated skin. No other sunscreen filter boasts this property.

Chemical filters are characterized by instability. Over time, the reaction that occurs when UV rays hit chemical filters in your skin causes those filters to degrade and break down, becoming useless. This does not happen to physical filters. Zinc oxide particles remain protective as long as they are on your skin and never degrade or become unstable.